An African proveb states, «It takes a village to raise a child» In the village of Harlem, the collective consciousness of African descended people is being raised through the exciting work of MAKARI (pronounced muh-ka-ree), a high-end skin care line especially suited for dark skinned men and women.

People with dark skin have endured decades of neglect in the world market of cosmetics among established international companies. The continued marginalization of African descended men and women led to the inspiration of Victoria Albi International, Inc to establish the highly innovative MAKARI DE SUISSE line in April 2000.

Manufactured in country known for quality. Switzerland, MAKARI is an innovative skin care line, combined of natural plant extracts and luxurious caviar extracts. This unique formula is filled in exquisitely designed bottles, which distinguished Makari as the only ethnic skin brand of higher caliber. Known for its superb results of evening skin tones, the Makari formula easily won the loyalty amongst thousands of consumers throughout the world.

Today, Makari defines a flawless complexion for every woman of color. With its vast array of different creams, lotions, cleansers, soaps, in addition to its complete line of make-up, each woman finds the product an exclusive creation for herself.

Back in its early stages, each passing month on the market, Makari expanded further to France, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Sapin, Itlia, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Cost,Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo Kinshasa, Rwanda, Kenya, Abu Dhabi, India, China, Japan, and westwards to the United States. Thanks to its token of excellence, Makari is now available in many local beauty stores, as well as in its own private store locations in Brussels, New York City, Paris and Oman. 


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