Cleanse Exfoliate Treat Even Tone SPF Moisturizer Body Exfoliator Body Hydrator Body Moisturizer Body Treatment

Cleanse: Use 2x daily to remove debris. Follow with toner to balance skin's pH & control oil.

Exfoliate: Use 2-3x weekly to remove dead skin cells and smooth skin texture.

Treat: Use as needed to repair skin imperfections such as acne, blemishes, & dark spots or supplement skin's vitality.

Even Tone: Apply serum 2x daily on freshly cleansed face to lighten dark spots or even tone.

SPF Moisturizer: Apply daily after serum to moisturize skin & protect against sun damage.

Body Exfoliator: Use up to 2x daily to scrub dull body skin & brighten skin tone.

Body Hydrator: Use 2x daily after bathing on damp skin to hydrate skin & boost brightening.

Body Moisturizer: Apply after body hydrator to replenish skin with glow-enhancing moisturizer. Apply a natural oil or glycerin after lotion for extra nourishment.

Body Treatment: Apply with q-tip or fingers to dark spots, age spots, dark knuckles, elbows, knees, toes, or ankles 2x times daily to spot lighten discolorations.

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