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Social Rewards

Earn Rewards
With Our Loyalty Program

We love our customers so much that we are giving away loyalty points for referring
friends or purchasing any product from our website. With our Loyalty Points, you can
unlock rewards featuring gift cards and discounts on your favorite Makari products.
Simply click the button below & login or create a Makari account today to get started.

How To Earn Points?

Shop Our Site


For Every Dollar Spent 1 Points

Create an Account 100 Points

Subscribe to Newsletter 100 Points

Connect With Us


Connect on Facebook 20 Points

Follow on Twitter 20 Points

Refer Friends


Referral from a Facebook Share (Clicks) 15 Points

Referral from a Twitter Share (Clicks) 15 Points

Referral from an Email Share (Clicks) 15 Points


Want To Redeem Your Loyalty Points?


Use your Makari Loyalty Reward Points to buy your favorite products! If you have more than 250 Makari Loyalty Points, you can
claim them by logging in and checking your Rewards Dashboard. Copy and paste your voucher into the Coupon Code Box on the
shopping cart page while you check out.

Step1. Create / Log-in to your Makari account
Step 2. Select the last option MY REWARDS
If you are eligible to redeem points (minimum 250 Makari Loyalty Points in your account)
Step 3. Select CLAIM REWARDS tab
Step 4. If eligible, you will be able to click CLAIM
Step 5. When you click on the CLAIM button, you will automatically receive a PROMO CODE
Step 6. Copy and Paste the code generated to the Coupon Code field at Checkout.



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