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Makari Oralight

Product Review (submitted on July 28, 2016):
When I read what it was supposed to do which is to lighten the parts of skin that is over produced by melanin so that your skin is even tone, I seriously doubted that it would work at all within one box and take about six boxes of pills to where i would quit after the first or possibly a second if i felt adventurous. When I read the information on the box that the pill is a food supplement like a vitamin, i figured the most it would do is make my skin soft like the hair and skin vitamins i buy from GNC. I never imagined it would do both. It's almost a month, and I can see a significant difference, just by putting the back of my hands next to my face. I didn't have too many dark spots on my face, but my face is darker than my arms, and my legs are lighter than both on any average day. it's almost a month and they both match. I had huge dark spots on the back of my legs and they are slowly fading away. I've had those dark spots since I was a teen, so you can imagine my astonishment to see them start to fade away. I also noticed while it's that "wonderful" time of the month i developed no pimples, which is highly uncommon. before the pill I could wash my face 3 times a day during that time and still get them. So .. I think i like this product, and once I'm done with this one I'm buying another. On the information part of box it said that it takes 2 to 3 months to show a huge difference, so I'm going to see it all the way through. This markari pill is supposed to help with stretch marks too, so I guess in about another month or so I'll write back and tell you what differences happened.

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