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Get skin brightening solutions with Makari de Suisse “Tone & Brighten” skincare collections. Skin brightening is your first step in achieving an even tone, radiant and healthy-looking complexion.   Our Tone & Brighten products help transform dull, sluggish-looking skin into fresh, glowing healthy-looking complexions with a mixture of botanical ingredients and proprietary technology that stimulate skin cell turnover renewing natural radiance.

Our four Tone and Brighten collections include:

  1. Naturalle
  2. Classic Clear Skin
  3. Classic Bright Skin
  4. Premium Bright Skin


Our Naturalle products are recommended for daily, long-term brightening routines.  They help restore your skin’s natural glow and even tone for a more beautiful appearance but do not significantly lighten skin tone.  Naturalle is also great to use as a DAY brightening SPF protection routine supplemented with a NIGHT skin-illuminating routine for a 24-HR regimen.

There are 3 lines within Naturalle with specific botanical ingredients based upon skin type to treat skin issues.  Naturalle is fortified with SPF 15 sun protection but we highly recommend also using SPF 30+ if you live in tropical climates.

Each 4-pc collection comes with:

  • Exfoliating Toning Soap
  • Essential Toning Serum SPF 15
  • Moisturizing Toning Cream SPF 15
  • Body Lotion SPF 15
Naturalle Multi-Action Extreme SPF 15

Sensitive to Dry skin

Multi-Action Extreme with Sweet Almond & Argan Oil soothes sensitive, dry skin, hydrates skin and helps to maintain proper oil levels.  Additionally, sometimes skin may seem oily or acne-prone but in reality is dehydrated, a condition which tends to OVERPRODUCE oil causing acne.  Dehydrated skin also needs proper moisture balance.

See more about Multi-Action here

Naturalle Intense Extreme SPF 15

Dry to Normal:

Intense Extreme with Shea Butter softens and smooths skin, evens tone and  slows signs of aging.  Combination skin types not prone to excess acne, may also use Intense Extreme but start out testing the soap or serum instead of buying the entire line.

See more about Intense Extreme here

Naturalle Carotonic Extreme SPF 15

Combination to Acne Prone:

Carotonic Extreme heals acne and restores oil pH levels,  refines skin texture and fades blemishes for a healthy-looking glow.  This collection works well for combination skin types that is prone to acne, as well as oily/acne-prone skin types.   Carotonic Extreme also includes a body toning glycerin.

See more about Carotonic Extreme here


Our Makari Classic collections are the ORIGINAL products that Makari became FAMOUS for!  These products help fade dark spots, blemishes, control oil, exfoliate skin, even tone and boost brightening for an all-over radiant glow.  Makari Classic products provide more advance brightening vs. Naturalle but in some instances may be too potent for sensitive skin types. We highly recommend doing a patch test.

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Classic Clear Skin

Classic Clear Skin

Oil controlling and acne treatment products that heal acne, refine skin texture, smooth pores, and lighten blemishes for a more flawless, smoother appearance. Recommended for all skin types as directed, especially oily and acne-prone skin.

See more about Classic Clear Skin here

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Classic Bright Skin

Classic Bright Skin

A mixture of products infused with our proprietary Vegiclarine formulas + Botanical ingredients to exfoliate, even tone, brighten complexion all-over.  Recommended for all skin types as directed.

See more about Classic Bright Skin here

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Premium Bright Skin

Premium Bright Skin

Advanced brightening formulas with Vegiclarine that evens tone, hydrates, and boosts radiance.  Recommended for all skin types except sensitive.

See more about Premium Bright Skin here

To learn more about Makari, visit our website at https://www.makari.com or https://www.makari.fr.  We have a full portfolio of skin solutions designed to help you reveal your ideal skin.

Does the naturalle intense extreme lightens the skin … Am currently using the lotion,serum and moisturizing creme…. How long are they going to take to lighten my skin… Am looking for a beautiful glowing healthy skin


The Naturalle line is more of a gentle, even toning brightening line. It will help smooth texture, calm skin irritations and brighten natural radiance but it is not a “lightener” in the sense that it will not boost your tone multiple shades lighter than your current complexion.


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