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Makari de Suisse Extreme Carrot & Argan Lotion – Radiant Skin?

Factors such as stress, agitation, a lack of sleep, and genetics all influence one’s appearance. Most women in search of a high-quality and effective anti-aging skincare formula tend to find that the majority of projects fall short of expectations.

Rather than continue struggling in the pursuit of the right formula, this review may have just the right solution that could work well for most women’s skincare needs.

With that, this review would like to introduce Makari de Suisse Extreme Carrot & Argan Lotion. This anti-aging formula promotes a more radiant, ageless, and beautiful skin surface that enhances confidence and satisfaction with one’s skin.

What Is Makari de Suisse Extreme Carrot & Argan Lotion?

Makari de Suisse Extreme Argan and Carrot Oil is a formula that works to effectively reduce the appearance of aging, while also enhancing one’s skincare glow and radiance. Those with lackluster and dull skin will find I to be a welcome solution for their skincare needs. The formula comes in lotion form that is gentle, smooth, and silky upon the skin.

When applied, the formula quickly absorbs into the skin and quickly revitalizes it for optimal beauty and radiance. Moreover, this particular product is made by a well-known brand recognized for its high-quality formulas. Therefore, those who choose this formula can feel confident they are making the right decision.

About Makari de Suisse Extreme Carrot & Argan Lotion

Makari de Suisse is a brand offering a unique line of beauty products that are specifically designed for men and women of colors. The brand’s products address issues such as haircare, skincare, and many other beauty concerns.

To date, Makari de Suisse formulas, including Extreme Argan and Carrot Oil, are manufactured in Switzerland in a high-quality facility. Today, many of the brand’s products are featured online and of course, in many stores around the country.

Those who are interested in taking their beauty routine to the next level will find Makari de Suisse to be a good companion.

Skincare with Organiclarine

Every skincare brand has qualities that are unique to it and that offer users the opportunity to revamp and restore their skin in a specific way.

In this case, Makari de Suisse Extreme Argan and Carrot Oil is fortified with the brand’s patented Organiclairine formula, which works to provide the skin with antioxidant protection, a lighter pigmentation, and a more even skin tone. With this substance, women will easily be able to achieve a radiant and stunning skin surface that lasts for years to come – so long as they continue to incorporate this product into their lifestyle.

Another important quality to recognize about this formula is that it features an abundance of vitamins E and C, which function to reduce the appearance of blemishes, scars, and other impurities. With regular use, women will be able to develop a skin surface that they can truly be proud of and satisfied with.

Benefits of Makari de Suisse Extreme Carrot & Argan Lotion

There are many benefits to be had when one adds Makari de Suisse Extreme Carrot and Carrot Oil. Here are the main advantages of this formula so that users know what to expect:

Rejuvenates Skin

The first and most significant advantage of this formula is that it works well to rejuvenate and enhance the skin’s appearance. Within a few applications, women will start developing a healthier, clearer, and brighter looking skin surface that helps them feel confident, pleased, and satisfied with their skin.

All-Natural and Botanical Ingredients

The second advantage of this formula is that it features all-natural botanical ingredients that users can trust. These compounds work to support a radiant, healthy, and beautiful skin surface in a manner that does not include harmful or damaging substances. With a natural and high-quality formula, women can be certain they are making a sound decision for their needs.

Proven to Work Swiss Technology

Third, the product is made with the brand’s Swiss technology that is formulated with just the right substances. Further, the formula is proven to work through clinical trials and testing, which means that those who work this product into their lifestyle can be certain that the product will work for them. The brand’s technologies are known to be successful and effective for most of women’s skincare concerns.

A Collection of Products

Finally, the brand offers a collection when it comes to its Argan and Carrot Oil line. The brand’s products include Extreme Argan and Carrot Oil Glycerin and Extreme Argan and Carrot Oil Botanical Body Oil.

Clearly, there are many benefits to be had when one adds Makari de Suisse Extreme Argan and Carrot Oil. With the brand’s line of products, women can finally restore and revitalize their skin as needed.

Makari de Suisse Extreme Carrot & Argan Lotion Review Summary

Ultimately, those who are interested in purchasing Makari de Suisse Extreme Carrot & Argan Lotion can do so through the brand’s website. In addition, the brand’s other products in the line are offered on the site as well.

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Your new summer accessory- a water bottle

Does Drinking Water really improve your Skin?

Summer is coming and with it, rising temperatures. People often wait until the summer to wake up to the importance of hydration. The misconception that drinking water only becomes necessary with the warm weather is, unfortunately, quite prevalent. In reality, water has a plethora of benefits, skincare related and other.

Hydrating aids in digestion, circulation, and absorption of nutrients but that’s not where it ends. It also does wonders for your skin. Your skin is an organ just like all others in the body and organs are made out of cells which rely water to function.

So what’s the best way to keep your skin clear to achieve that summer glow?

Just drink water! It’s that simple. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day can get rid of toxins and give you a radiant glow. Just like any change, they don’t happen overnight so start drinking water today and see the effect it will have on your skin.Source:

Luxury Cosmetics from Makari de Suisse

Girls! Today I want to show you some nice products from Makari de Suisse

I was lucky I could try some of their products, which i reviewed for you.

These products are great for spots and to lighten your skin.

The first product is a lotion for whitening spots on your skin. The honey colored bottle is a serum, which repairs and cleanses your skin. The soap exfoliates and is antiseptic. Finally you have a nice cream which also whitens your skin.

These are actually luxury products and they have hidrating ingredients. I really love their scent and how they hidrate my skin. I would definitely recommend their products to you!!

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Kaylah Oniwo Looking Hot in Sizzling Video and Photos for Makari 24Karat Gold

Makari 24Karat Range was created for the woman of color, paying close attention to the skincare needs of African women. The Makari 24k Gold collection guarantees a safe and organic approach to skincare.

Formulated with 24K Gold, Omega Complex, Probiotics, Vegeclairine and an effective blend of botanical skin glow agents, this luxurious collection helps renew epidermal cells, diminish the appearance of scars, hyperpigmentation and stretch marks, gradually evens tone and brighten complexion for a more luminous appearance.

The Makari Beauty Brand is a groundbreaking expert luxury skin care which is why a prescription is required before purchase to guide use. The Makari 24k Gold collection is elegantly designed and features four (4) amazing products: The beauty milk, Brightening soap, Brightening and repair serum as well as the Night treatment cream for a comprehensive skin care regime.

Authentic Makari ranges are now available at authorized dealers such as Casabella, MedPlus Pharmacy, Kuddy Cosmetics, Konga, Jumia, Valane Cosmetics, Hallmark, Prince Mega Trust, Editrust and Perfect Trust Cosmetics.

Follow @Makariofficialnigeria on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for more details on the best products for your skin solutions, prescriptions and lots to win.

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Love Your Body at Home

Gone are the days where we were young women that have perfect skin with no blemishes, uneven skin tone, and never worried about the skins flexible structure. I am slowly starting to feel the effect of time on my body some days. I was fortunate enough as a teen to have clear skin. When I became an adult, it came back to bite me. So much so that I have to take care of my skin now before it gets to the point of no return.

It starts with a product that will Cleanse Purify the skin and clean away the day of impurities. The Makari De Suisse Purifying Cleansing Tonic is in a beautiful clear bottle that has gold details on it. The tonic is not harsh on the skin. I think that this is due to the basil extract that leaves a pleasant scent on the skin! I have been using it for a while now, and it is cleaning my pores to a new level that I did not know it would go.

Once the skin is cleansed with the Makari De Suisse Purifying Cleansing Tonic, Starting to work on the areas of concern is ideal to get the skin looking like new again. What can be done is to use a product that will help get the skin where you would want it to be. With me dealing with adult acne, this is a new thing for me to deal that I have never had before in my life. I have to make sure that my face does not break out a lot. Here is where the Makari De Suisse Clear-Acnyl comes in handy; I have to options when using the cream I can either cover my whole face or will target some areas to make sure that I get my problem areas. The results have been a one of a real effect that is starting to make me jubilant. The Makari De Suisse Clear-Acnyl is like no other acne fighting cream on the market, it smells amazing. This acne beauty cream does not look like anything like an acne product that can help clear your skin. It looks like a high-end beauty cream that you would find in a department store or specialty shop.

The last thing you want to do is use the 24-hour serum during the day or get the night cream to finish off your beauty regimen for the day. The night cream will renew your skin overnight creating a new feel to your skin that can only come with focusing on you being a better you.

With just moving into the new house my skin is not the best right now, and it is enjoying the tender loving care that it is receiving from the premium product like Makari.

How do you show love to your body at home?

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Best Skin Ever Tips!

All Skin Types
Drink Lots of Water

  •  Eight to ten eight ounce glasses a day, a gallon even better.


Break a Sweat

  • Working out is great for your skin and gives it a healthy glow.
  • Exercising regularly improves circulation and brings nourishment to your skin.

Ditch Bad Habits

  • If you smoke, drink alcohol or love junk food cut it way down or out completely.
  •  Too much caffeine can have negative effect on your skin.

Get More Sleep

  • Skin rebuilds itself when you sleep so 7-8 hours a night gives you your best skin possible.
  • Tiredness leads to dark circles and deep lines.

Eat Healthy

  • Healthy skin is built on a solid foundation of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • 50%-70% of your diets should be fresh fruit which will help keep your skin flawless.

Stay Regular

  •  Irregularity is one of the worst things for your skin.
  • Eat high fiber foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Check Your Medicine

  • Medication can have a negative effect your skin.
  • If you experience side effects such as breakouts, rashes, dryness and over production of oil, speak to your doctor immediately.

Stay Out of the Sun

  • Wear sun block every day and stay out of mid-day sun as much as you can.


Mulberry Extract: The natural alternative to Hydroquinone

id_fruitMulberry extracts are known to help skin. They are widely used by many people all over the globe for purposes of skin lightening. Significant research has been gathered to prove the anti tyrosinase activity of mulberry plants produces the desirable effects as far as skin lightening is concerned. Furthermore, the extract is known to slow down the ageing process. It contains rich anti-oxidant properties thus making it extremely beneficial for preventing wrinkles formation As a result, someone who uses mulberry extract will have flawless, silky smooth skin for many years to come.

REVITALIZE GLOW-EXCLUSIVE COMBOCosmetologists also promote the extract and recommend it for effective skin lightening.  The roots and the barks contain excellent healing properties and this is one of the main reason why they are used for producing mulberry extract popularly used as a skin lightener. The extract can additionally be used for removing residual rough skin as well as impurities that may be present on the skin. The extract is also recommended by cosmetology experts because it lowers melanin production that occurs as a result of UV exposure.  When used as a skin lightener, mulberry extract resolves all issues related to uneven skin tone thereby allowing a user to have a pleasant skin tone after use.

So start enjoying the benefits of this wonder plant today through Makari skin care.

Get a Serum in your Life

TOP KNOT MODELFace serums are multifunctional.  They’re in between a moisturizer, an oil and an essence. You apply serums directly to the skin after cleansing, before your moisturizer, in order to deliver potent ingredients into your skin. Many are formulated with hyaluronic acid or vitamin C, the same moisturizing and complexion-brightening ingredients we see in moisturizers and other skin-care products, but in stronger, more effective formulas that penetrate deeper into the skin.

Serums can target a specific skin care concern, like dark spots, fine lines, sagging or dull skin. Because face serums use higher quality ingredients and higher concentrations than your daily moisturizer, they are usually also more expensive. But wouldn’t you pay more for a super effective serum that delivered GREAT RESULTS!



12 Skin Repairing & Clarifying Serum

Repairing serum helps rebuild collagen and improve skin texture and tone. It visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It helps control excess sebum production, preventing dark spots and breakouts to reveal a radiant complexion.



03 Naturalle Intense Extreme Lightening Serum SPF15

Triple duty serum infused with soothing shea botanicals moisturizes, regenerates and revives skin to help fight signs of aging.  It provides SPF15 sun protection from harmful UV rays and gradually improves the appearance of uneven skin tone, age spots and discoloration revealing  brighter, silky soft skin.



04Naturalle Carotonic Extreme Lightening Serum SPF15

Multifunctional serum powered by soothing, oil-controlling carrot botanicals supports the natural production of collagen, provides antioxidant protection against effects of free radicals and addresses the skincare needs of oily skin. It provides SPF15 sun protection from harmful UV rays and gradually diminishes the visible signs of aging while improving the appearance of blemishes, scars and uneven skin tone.



02Naturalle Multi-Action Extreme Lightening Serum SPF15

Multi-tasking serum packing powerful almond & argan oil botanicals treat dull and excessively dry skin by locking moisture into skin. It provides SPF15 sun protection from harmful UV rays and gradually improves the appearance of uneven skin tone, signs of aging and discoloration leaving skin smooth, silky and glowing.



Serum boosters can be used alone or to add a boost of ingredients to your current skincare creams and serums.  Makari Exclusive & Extreme Intense Serums provide extra-strength brightening that lightens skin for a uniformly radiant complexion.


2Extreme Argan & Carrot Oil Serum

Highly concentrated serum dramatically lightens the appearance of pigment, effectively moisturizes and evens out skin tone. Natural carrot and argan botanicals helps brighten and replenish skin restoring it to a more luminous, radiant and youthful appearance.




1Exclusive Toning Serum

Power-packed serum evens, lightens skin tone and improves the appearance of dark spots, age spots, freckles, post acne discoloration, and helps illuminate complexion.


The Benefits of Glycerin for Skin


Glycerin, also called glycerol, can be used on all types of skin including oily skin. It is used to treat many oily skin conditions, like acne, skin infections, wrinkles and fine lines.  Glycerin attracts moisture onto your skin which is why it is considered a humectant. Glycerin is an emollient, making skin not only oist, but soft and supple to the touch. Glycerin in lotions or other skin care products can help prvent or combat dry skin.   And if you have dry skin on your face, you can apply glycerin topically onto your face to increase and lock in moisture on the skin to cure the dryness. It gives you moisturized and cleansed skin, without any side effects.  Glycerin suits most people and the effects of glycerin on skin are healthier. It can provide a more attractive, natural-looking appearance.

Moisturizing: Glycerin acts as a very effective moisturizer on the skin. It makes your skin absorbs water from air reducing the dry and dull patches on your skin. It’s therefore very useful in winters as well. Glycerin can be applied directly onto the skin as a moisturizer. Dab a cotton ball with glycerin and apply it onto your skin. Wow, you will feel your skin gets soft, supple and hydrated immediately on its application. It adds hydration and health to your skin. Glycerin is also known for its meditative properties that work to heal dry, rough and irritated skin.

Smoothing: As the skin ages, it looks dull and gets susceptible to irritation, redness and many other conditions, such as dry skin due to losing its ability to retain moisture. With aging, your skin gets rough – but using glycerin regularly can make your skin smooth and prevent other problems associated with dryness. This also helps in smoothing your skin and face by filling in the tiny cracks in the dry skin.

Maintains Water Balance:  Humectants in glycerin attract water from air and help in retaining water in the skin. When glycerin or glycerol is applied to the skin, it minimizes water loss due to evaporation and maintains the skin’s water balance on an intercellular level– so keeps the skin well hydrated and nourished.

Nourishes Skin: Because of its skin nourishing properties, glycerin can be used every day. Its regular use will help to keep your skin healthy, soft and fresh.

Enhances Skin Appearance: Glycerin acts as an emollient that keeps your skin not only moist, but soft and supple to touch. It makes your skin looks healthier and attractive, devoid of the scaly looks and other characteristics of dry skin. Its therapeutic effects on wounds and other skin disease also lead your skin to look healthier and smoother.

Heals Skin:  Glycerin is able to guide cells to grow and mature more effectively, thus helping the skin heal. Glycerin also acts as a natural medication for fungal infections like eczema and psoriasis, by reducing bruising and helping the infected tissue and cells to repair themselves more quickly.

Protects Skin:  Glycerin increases the thickness of the epidermal layer and improves barrier function. It helps keep harmful chemicals and environmental elements sout of the skin and locks moisture in.


Nigerian Blogger Lights Camera & Cheeks: Product Review – Makari Rose Gold Collection


When I received a parcel with the Makari Rose Gold collection all the way from Makari NY i was excited and worried at the same time.  I am always delighted to try out products and just as the name implies, soon as i opened the box, I knew i was definitely holding a box of gold.

Nonetheless, I was worried because I am quite dark skinned and even though I suffer hyper pigmentation, I want an even skin tone without losing my original complexion.

The packaging of this product is everything. Allow me to judge this book by it’s cover, because the gold lids and embellishments around the containers makes you want to try out the product immediately.


The lightening lotion is just perfect for everyday use. it’s unbelievably light weight and just glides into your skin effortlessly. If like me, you avoid moisturizers during the day because of the Lagos heat, then this is for you, as your skin will be hydrated without that greasy feeling. The great thing is that all Makari products have a lovely fragrance and are hydroquinone free.


I love the lightening serum, especially because of the visible gold flakes from the cute little bottle. However, each time I pick up the bottle an imaginary sign pops up in face that says “Proceed with Caution.” If you are looking at lightening your complexion, then this serum works like magic.

The combination with lightening lotion,Makari gold soap and night cream will surely give you the lighter and youthful glow you desire.

If you want to maintain your complexion, you must use the serum sparingly and concentrate on problem areas. I use it once or twice weekly and Yes, I’ve got the Makari glow without altering my complexion.


The night cream rejuvenates and revitalizes skin cells through the night. It clears dark patches and has anti-bacterial properties. It also has skin brightening properties and helps maintain your desired complexion .


The Makari gold soap is my favourite product from the Rose gold collection. I could use this everyday and it just works. The effect is instant and your skin feels smooth even without moisturizing. I’d advise that you stock up on these cos you’re sure to love it. Now I just want to wash my face all the time, for no reason. Seriously, I’m obsessed with the 24K Gold soap.

Are you aware that in ancient times,Queens had their bath with gold, because of its anti-aging components? This is why Makari chose to go for gold; and this collection is definitely a must-have.

Without a doubt, the Makari Rose Gold Collection is truly a luxury gold skin care solution for your skin.


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