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Quality, Genuine African American Skin Lightening Products

Like all products in the Makari line, these African American skin lightening products re-moisturize your skin and smooth out expression lines while renewing epidermal cells so your skin looks better than ever. Some of our featured products are below.

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caviar_cr.jpgSkin Lightening Cream: The safe, effective Makari Caviar Face Lightening Cream will leave your skin visibly lighter and firmer. As it revitalizes and restores major skin functions, this skin lightening cream prevents premature expression lines while offering a uniforms luminous complexion. Click Here to Buy Now!



Skin Lightening Lotion: This luxury skin lightening lotion comes in a cleanser made to lighten your skin naturally and safely or a skin bleaching cream to lighten your skin without surgery while fighting pigmented marks, scars, liver spots and stretch marks. Click Here to Buy Now!


840122.jpgSkin Lightening Soap: The Makari line of skin lightening soap is a gentle and effective exfoliating product. This cream quickly removes dead cells and excessive sebum. Blemishes will disappear and leave you with a healthy glow and naturally healthy pores. Click Here to Buy Now!


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Have you experienced the luxury of Makari products yet? Designed specifically for women of color, Makari provides support and nourishment for the body’s largest organ the skin. As a leader in safer, more natural Skin Lightening, Makari develops products designed to make you feel your best. Whether you choose our a simple moisturizer or a Skin Lightening Products, you’ll look and fee your best with Makari.

Hyperpigmentation is a condition where patches of skin become darker than the surrounding skin. There are several causes of this., all of which can be treated with Makari’s Skin Lightening products. The dark spots commonly called age or liver spots doctors refer to them as solar lentigines - are actually caused by sun damage. You’ll often find these on the face or hands, areas that commonly receive more exposure to the sun. Finding a Skin Lightening Products that will address these spots has never been easy – until Makari.

Another cause of hyperpigmentation is hormonal change. Frequently, women may experience what is sometimes called the mask of pregnancy (medically called melasma or chloasma). This condition can be brought on not only by actual pregnancy but by use of birth control pills, which affect the body’s hormones in much the same way as a pregnancy does. Many women turn to Skin Lightening techniques when faced with this condition, which is most common in darker skin. Not all Skin Lightening Products is effective, however.

Some acne sufferers experience pigment changes in areas where breakouts commonly occur. Skin Lightening products can help in these cases, as well. Skin injuries or scars can result in darker areas as well. But sometimes Skin Lightening Products can hurt as much as it helps. This is because the prevalent chemical used for these processes in the past has been hydroquinone.

Both over the counter and prescription Skin Lightening Products used to contain this powerful bleach, which works by slowing the production of melanin. The dark spots then fade to match the rest of the skin. Prescription Skin Lightening products typically contain twice as much of this chemical as the over the counter versions. However, recent reports implicating hydroquinone in everything from dermatitis to cancer.

Instead of replacing one harsh chemical with another, Makari has chosen the most effective, yet mildest, Skin Lightening ingredients, designed to nourish instead of damaging the skin. Try Makari’s Caviar, a Skin Lightening Products that’s highly effective. Testimonials on the site let you hear from real women of color who have found relief from hyperpigmentation issues. But don’t take their word for it: experience the luxury and effectiveness of Makari products for yourself.